From 14 to 26 September 2021, at Bellaria Igea Marina, Italy
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9 meetings by the sea, on the Adriatic Riviera, dedicated to auteur cinema. A challenge to look at the world, to define your own point of view. To look for and make a new kind of cinema together.

You can sign up for one or more workshops and talks: compose your own route!



NAUFRAGARE Summer School is for all those who want to question their own vision. To all those who want to get involved and pushed towards new practices of cinema production and realisation.



Luciano Barisone

Festival director, film critic and creative producer

Daniela Persico

Locarno Film Festival programmer and founder of Filmidee

Ivan Olgiati

President of Articolture, producer

Micol Roubini

Director of The Road to the Mountains and founder of L’Altauro

Davide Maldi

Director of The Young Observer and founder of L’Altauro

Alessandra Pastore

Head of Industry of the Meeting Point Vilnius (Lithuania) and Industry Coordinator of WEMW

Fabio Abagnato

Responsabile Emilia-Romagna Film Commission 

Our program consists of workshops and talks with important European guests, to develop a path in search of the gaze.
For us, these guests represent a contemporary look at the world of cinema.

How it works

From 14 to 26 September in Bellaria Igea Marina, Italy.

3 paid workshop: workshops on production, writing, the ethics of the image and the authorial vision.

6 Free Talk:organised by Approdi also during the Bellaria Film Festival.

NAUFRAGARE Open Space: an evening, an informal space to meet and talk about cinema, projects, ideas and new perspectives, together with our guests.

You can sign up for one or more meetings: freely compose your own path to Naufragare!

No prior technical knowledge or skills are required.

Reservations are required for both workshops and talks.

Application Fee

One Workshop: €80

Participation to a single workshop gives access to NAUFRAGARE Open Space.
Fill the form indicating your preference and pay by clicking the button below.

NAUFRAGARE accreditation: €100

Accreditation gives access to:

  • 3 paid workshops 
  • NAUFRAGARE Open Space
  • All 5 free talks
  • Bellaria Film Festival screenings

   + free accreditation at the Meeting Point - Vilnius 2022 which will provide access to the full programme of the market, including workshops, panels, pitches and networking activities. In addition, there will be activities entirely dedicated to NAUFRAGARE members with the decision makers present and a targeted networking initiative with the participants of the Talents Nest session of the market.

Pay by clicking on the button below!

Remember, reservation for meetings is mandatory also with accreditation: fill out the form indicating your preferences to reserve your spot. 
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Approdi would like to thank partners and sponsors who have contributed to providing a sustainable and affordable price for all.


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Approdi is a place facing the sea, where you can stop during your journey. A landing place. Over the years, we ourselves have felt the need for this place. So refresh yourself here and then leave again with new energy to go somewhere else.

Today more than ever, we need perspectives that can question the real and question our own realities. To see the world means to know it, to touch it, and to understand it. Understanding how we represent ourselves and the world around us through images can improve our insight into who we are and how we want to be.

To make a different and authentic kind of cinema, we believe that it is essential for people to meet each other, to create a community of gazes that can look at and decode the world together, everyone in their unique way. To feel less alone, to feel less lonely.