The first auteur cinema centre 
outside the cities. A space facing the open sea.

Approdi is a start-up company based in Bellaria Igea Marina (Italy), focusing on research, training and film production. Over the years, we have felt the need for this space ourselves.

It’s not the story that matters, it’s how you tell it.

We live in a visual society, rich and overflowing with images. We are not interested in commercial cinema. If everyone watches it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of quality.

Seeing the world means knowing it, understanding it and interacting with it. Understanding how we represent ourselves and the world around us through images can help us to better understand who we are and how we want to be.

To make a different and authentic cinema, we believe it is essential for people to meet each other, and create a community of gazes that can decode and look at the world together, everyone in their unique way.

bellaria film festival 40

Approdi has organised the 40th edition of Bellaria Film Festival, one of the main film festival in Italy focused on the independent cinema, with the artistic direction of Daniela Persico.

Production company

Approdi is a production company.

Cinema is necessarily subjective, for us is the ability to tell something true and dense. Every film has a heart. What is the heart of your project?

We participate in projects when we think our skills can be useful and helpful to create them. 

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Professional equipment and post-production

Approdi offers the possibility of using professional equipment and audio and video post-production facilities.

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Multidisciplinary open workshops based on collaborative and collective learning.


NAUFRAGARE is a summer school on auteur cinema, set on the Adriatic Riviera, focusing on the research for authorship in filmmaking. A challenge to look at the world, to define the personal point of view of the author.