Film production

Approdi is a production company


Cinema for us is necessarily subjective. It is the ability to tell something true and dense. Every film has a heart, let’s look for the heart of your project together.


What matters to us is not the story, but how you tell it. We are not interested in consumer cinema. We participate in projects when we think our skills can be helpful and useful.

If you would like to share your ideas or projects with us, please write to

Directed by Giulio Gobetti. Creative producer: Dario Zonta.

Documentary, in development. Project selected within Itineranze Doc 2023.


In summer, in a small seaside town where time seems to stand still, the lives of three characters intertwine as each of them ironically faces the relentless race of time.

Directed by Sergio Canneto. Feature film – in development.

Selected at Torino Film Lab 2020.


Two women, far apart in time, try to resist their destiny in order to be free to desire. Their psychic balance falters, their bodies become the terrain of a common battle.

Directed by Cesare Barbieri. Short film – in pre-production.

Financed by the Emilia Romagna Film Commission.


Sofia and Michele, two teenage siblings, are left alone in their country house: their parents are at the hospital with their grandfather. The two siblings have an ambiguous relationship. The constant gaze of Mayu, the grandfather’s dog they have to look after, complicates their relationship. This constant watching begins to haunt Michele, who repeatedly tries to destroy the cause of this evil, ruining their bond. This ghost, years later, will bring them to a final confrontation and the end of their story.

Directed by Enrico Ghezzi and Alessandro Gagliardo. Feature film, 2022.

Screened Out of Competition at the 79th Venice Film Festival, and at Bellaria Film Festival 41.

Approdi partly collaborated in the production.

Directed by Alessandro Piccinini. Produced by Summer Jamboree with Approdi as executive producer. Distributed by Rai5 in the Art Night section and RaiPlay.

Directed by Cesare Barbieri. Short film, 2021.
Selected in competition at the 39th Turin Film Festival.


“Why my parents couldn’t just love each other?”. Arthur, a stranger whose voice is recorded on an old tape, can’t answer that question while he recalls his childhood memories.
It made me think about my parents and how, as children, we can’t understand why adults fight. The original tape on which Arthur speaks accompanies the entire film, shot at my parent’s house, shows a couple staying silent after an argument.